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Thank you everyone for your support. I started ‪#‎standuptobulliesrightmeow‬ after my 17 year old daughter started getting bullied at school and on a social media site called Whisper. My daughter is not like a lot of other teens.  She is unique and different. She has a passion for art, fashion, and cosplaying. She reaches out to give support to others who are struggling with self harming and depression, something with which she is all too familiar with.

raeanna and momIn September of 2015 after months of cutting herself and hiding it from us my babygirl was in such a dark place that she tried to take her own life.

She was taken to a treatment center where she was evaluated and diagnosed with clinical depression and anxiety disorder, these diagnoses come on top of her learning disabilities. She is doing much better now working through things with her coping skills she learned and her medication, but she still fights with her own personal battle everyday.notacancer

When this bullying started in April she started to really have a hard time with it and her grades had started to slip, then she started to have emotional break downs.

The school says they are doing the best they can but its tough because she does not know these kids who are judging her and calling her a “cancer”, for being different and wearing her cat ears to school. She has worn them for two years now and not until recently has it been an issue. So I made cat ears for my family and friends to help show our support for her and that is how and why I started the movement.